Class Descriptions

Ballet: Learn basic ballet technique.  Ballet is the basis from which all other dance forms are derived. It improves grace, coordination and confidence.

Pre-Pointe:  A preparation class for Pointe dancing. The objective is to strengthen a dancer's feet and ankles so when they are introduced to pointe shoes, they are well prepared and capable of being successful in Pointe class.

Pointe:  Take ballet a step further. Learn the fundamentals of Pointe dancing.

Tap: Beginner through advanced tap is taught to popular and upbeat music. Tap dancing is fun for all ages. Join in the fun and make some music with your feet!

Jazz:  This is one of the most requested type of classes. We offer the latest moves from hip-hop to funk. This is a high energy class.
Minimum age is 7 and basic ballet and tap is encouraged before accepted for participation.

Lyrical/Modern: A combination of ballet and jazz, this form moves to the lyrics
and feeling of the music.

Leaps & Turns:  A class that concentrates primarily on turn combinations, progressions
across the floor and flexibility. This class supports all areas of dance.

Acrobats:  Learn the basics and beyond of acrobats and tumbling. Great for body flexibility and upper body strength. Learn how to perform tricks such as cartwheels, headstands, and as advanced as backhandsprings, aerials etc.

 Hip Hop:  During this class students will learn high energy moves while listening to modern music. 

Musical Theatre: Student will learn to express themselves and tell a story through movement and facial expressions.